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How to submit an application for a student?

Admission criteria 

Opération Bonne Mine scholarships  recognize all forms of achievement. They are aimed at students at the primary and secondary levels, from disadvantaged backgrounds and encountering particular challenges.

The student must have demonstrated progress or maintenance in their school learning, in their social integration and in their involvement in school.

The student must be admitted to a primary or secondary educational institution, in general or specific education, recognized by the Ministry of Education in the regions of Montreal, Laval and the MRC de l'Assomption.

Would you like to apply for a student with a ramarkable career? Complete the registration form below. 


Informations: programme@ssvp-mtl.org - 514 526-5937 extension 121 

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Selection process

Rime, scholarship recipient 2021

The steps to follow

1. The person must complete a form for each student before April 15 2022.

2. In order to make the student participate in this process, we encourage you to complete this application in collaboration with the student and his family. Take care to explain to the student that a nomination is an achievement in itself.

3. Please answer the questions by clearly demonstrating the student's motivation with specific examples, highlighting his development. The answers provided will be decisive during the selection process.

4. A committee will evaluate the applications fairly and you will receive a response in mid-May.



The form to complete

1. The person submitting the application MUST be a recognized employee of the student's school (teacher, counsellor, director, guidance counsellor, etc.) or a counselor of an organization working in education.

2.The person may submit more than one student application that meets the evaluation criteria.

3. The information provided will be used to send responses and awards. Please check the information provided carefully.

4. You can download the pdf form in order to save it and send it to us by email at programme@ssvp-mtl.org .


Rime, scholarship recipient 2021
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