Intervention through the arts in schools 

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Artistic creation for therapeutic purposes

In order to support students in their personal development and to equip them to persevere, the Opération Bonne Mine program sets up artistic projects in schools, supervised by professionals in art therapy.

Art is used as an intervention tool that promotes self-esteem, communicaton and the sense of belonging to a group.


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Understanding art therapy

Art therapy is used in the fields of education, community, intercultural, corporate, social services and mental health.

Art therapists provide clinical and social services tailored to the needs of student groups. This mode of expression through visual media offers a path to healing that is accessible to all.

Anchored in the arts, art therapy sessions are conducted in a playful space that encourages the development of creative potential, the sharing of cultural values and the search for meaning.

Art therapy encompasses both pictorial and verbal expression and reflection.

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Therapeutic benefits

  • Expressing oneself and getting to know oneself better
  • Feeling calmer
  • Develop sociability and language
  • Persevere at school

« These workshops were a breath of fresh air in a hectic daily routine. I think they have helped the classroom climate to some degree and, above all, have allowed us to discover the students in a different light »

Amina Kharchi, Teacher, Saint-Justin elementary school

« Art therapy, combining theater, dance and the visual arts has had immense benefits on the body and mind of my students. »

Caroline Blais, orthopedagogue, language class at Saint-Henri high school

« Our school being located in a disadvantaged environment, our students have little access to cultural experiences. Free expertise as well as the services offered should be preserved, as these elements complement the effort made by the school. »

Barbara René, Assistant principal, Adélard Desrosiers elementary school

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