«My treasure box», Eureka Elementary School (Laval) - 2021/2022 

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Presentation card

  • Project name: My treasure box
  • Participating school: Eureka Elementary School, Laval
  • Participating group: 17 students from the reception class
  • Project dates: January to June 2022 (6 months)
  • Discipline: art therapy
  • Speaker: Gabrielle Gingras, art therapist, M.A, doctoral student in psychology, ATPQ
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For these young people, the creation of their treasure box was a unique expression of the treasures that the students wanted to treasure from their country of origin and also an opportunity to express their wishes for their future in Quebec.

During the process, the students showed resilience and patience to paint their boxes and to make unique creations in drawing, modeling clay and cardboard. They found unique solutions when their creations were not to their satisfaction, many have repeatedly restarted certain parts of their projects to obtain the desired result. They said they were proud of their creations, which allowed them to share their journey and their unique richness.

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