«My identity as a symbol: a parade in my neighborhood», Center Gédéon-Ouimet (Sainte-Marie) - 2021/2022 

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  • Project name: My identity as a symbol: a parade in my neighborhood
  • Participating school: Center Gédéon-Ouimet, Sainte-Marie
  • Participating group: 13 French transition class students
  • Project dates: May to June 2022
  • Disciplines: art therapy
  • Speaker: Mia Hébert, art therapist, doctoral student in psychology, M.A., ATPQ
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This art project offered young people the opportunity to express themselves through the creation of a unique image that was printed on a piece of clothing. Within creation, each communication situation became an opportunity to learn about oneself and others.

Once the clothes were finished, the young people were asked to explain the symbolic meaning of their image, verbally or in writing. During a parade in the Centre-Sud district of Montreal, the clothes were proudly worn by young people and a photographer was present to immortalize the moment.

Finally, a vernissage was the closing event of the project where the general public and school staff were invited.

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