Food assistance 

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SSVP’s food assistance, a transitory program aimed at finding lasting solutions.

Through our volunteers and a chain of 68 help centres spread out in the Montreal/Laval/L’Assomption area, our transitory food assistance program provides basic necessities to individuals and families experiencing financial distress, in the form of food products or vouchers redeemable at their local supermarket. The type, frequency and duration of this help is carefully determined according to each person’s specific situation and needs.

Individuals benefitting from this service can expect not only to be supported but also companioned – in order to help them identify the source of their financial problem without feeling shamed about the whole process. The ultimate goal is to help them identify lasting solutions, despite the complexity of the situation.

Our food assistance program helps to address a basic and crucial need: putting food on the table. Our vast network of partnering organizations is then put to good use to tailor an approach that takes into consideration the specifics of a particular predicament.

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Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul Verdun Service Point March 2020
SSVP de Montréal - Verdun Service Point - March 2020
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  • 54 600 people assisted* 
    including 17 940 children
  • 29 961 individual helping actions
  • Our beneficiaries:
    54, 94% women and 45,06% men
    54,3% are people living alone
  • 5 573 Christmas baskets distributed
  • More than $ 860,000 was distributed in food vouchers and nearly $ 1,000,000 in food

*One individual may be helped several times