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Valuable involvement to promote the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul of Montreal

Gabrielle Destroismaisons joins forces with the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul of Montreal as official spokesperson, in order to educate the general public and support the organization in its future philanthropic development. She explains the reasons for her involvement:

«I come from a large family and we had little financial means. For many years, we have used food assistance and I know how much it can be of great help. I am happy today to get involved and to be able to raise awareness alongside the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul of Montreal on the importance of giving back to the cause.»

Gabrielle Destroismaisons, spokesperson


Gabrielle Destroismaisons began her artistic career at the age of 17 with her album Etcetera, which sold more than 100,000 copies. His tours have allowed him to perform across Quebec, Canada and France.
His talents were noted in several musicals including Notre-Dame-de-Paris by Luc Plamondon as well as several Revues Musicales signed Productions Grand V.
The recipient of a Félix Revelation of the Year (Adisq) confirms her continuity in the artistic world with several major projects to come

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Photo: Alex Tran Photography