Danalsy's story: the "wow" effect of financial support 

29 August 2023

Hello, I am Danalsy, a 21-year-old young woman who has benefited in the past from back-to-school assistance from the Opération Bonne Mine program of the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul of Montreal.

When I was younger, my mother raised us alone, although my father was present at a distance. Financial means were limited and it was difficult for my mother to provide for all our needs, especially with regard to the start of the school year.

It is thanks to the financial assistance provided by Opération Bonne Mine that she was able to buy the school supplies that my sisters and I needed. Each year we did our best to reuse what we already had, but this extra help has really relieved us and freed us from having to cut other essential needs.

I also discovered another source of motivation during my school years: sports. Basketball was my passion. Being part of a special sports program was a real boost, it gave me a sense of belonging and self-confidence.

Currently, I am finalizing a DEP in secretarial studies. I intend to continue after that with a certificate of professional specialization to become a legal secretary. I am convinced that this training will open many professional doors for me and allow me to realize my dreams.

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The final word...

Today, I hope that other students will benefit from this precious boost.

Opération Bonne Mine makes a real difference in the lives of families, by enabling them to overcome financial obstacles related to back-to-school expenses. I am proud to be an ambassador for this program and I hope you will consider supporting this initiative to enable more young people to build a better future.

Danalsy, 21, Opération Bonne Mine ambassador