The Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul reinvents its second-hand stores under the name “Chez Vincent” 

11 October 2023

The Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul of Canada is undertaking a large-scale metamorphosis by redefining the identity of its second-hand stores which will now bear the name “Chez Vincent”. This transition, launched during 2023, will be gradually deployed in all stores across the country over the coming months. This initiative is a major step in the organization’s strategy to harmonize its brand image.

Promoting the circular economy and environmental sustainability

The Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul plays an active role in reducing waste and preserving the environment by encouraging the reuse of goods. Since 2013, our efforts have made it possible to recycle no less than 602 tonnes of clothing in Montreal, the equivalent of approximately 90,000 bags. The transition to “Chez Vincent” reinforces this commitment to a circular economy, highlighting the environmental benefits of second-hand purchasing. By supporting the organization's stores, customers participate in more responsible consumption while benefiting from affordable, quality purchasing opportunities. “It’s an eco-responsible approach that we are proud to promote with our new identity “Chez Vincent”” declares Romain Duguay, general director of the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul of Montreal.

Two essential pieces of information about the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul deserve to be highlighted. First of all, stores specializing in the sale of second-hand goods play a vital role in the economy of the organization, as a substantial source of its financial resources. Next, SSVP stores were until now not easily identifiable by customers as entities affiliated with the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul. This is why it was decided to strengthen the integration of our identity at the heart of our establishments. With this in mind, the national council of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of Canada has undertaken working meetings in 2022.

Internal review reveals crucial issues

In recent years, the organization has faced significant challenges, including the pressing need to increase its visibility and reputation. At the same time, the pandemic has highlighted pressing needs among households, faced with growing financial insecurity. It is therefore imperative to actively raise public awareness of the SSVP's food aid and school retention support programs, and of valuable second-hand stores. Despite the national reach and a presence across the entire Canadian territory thanks to numerous service points, a part of the population sometimes remains poorly informed of the extent of our services.

Following significant efforts made by our teams, the fruit of this work will soon materialize: our stores will proudly display the evocative name “Chez Vincent”. This name will be deeply anchored in our identity and will be deployed consistently across the country. This symbolic transformation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to serving with concern, thereby strengthening our impact among those who need our help most.