The story of Liliane: pushing boundaries through perseverance 

28 March 2024

My name is Liliane, I'm 21 years old, and I received a scholarship for academic perseverance from Operation Bonne Mine in 2018. I come from a very modest background, and school has never been easy for me. My educational journey has been filled with challenges, particularly in French, requiring a greater investment of time than average. Despite these difficulties, basketball has always been a driving force, motivating me to push myself, and it's with this determination that I approached my educational path. When I was awarded the scholarship, my family felt immense pride. It reinforced my belief that success stems from constant commitment, not just grades. This award played a crucial role in funding my sessions at cégep (college) as well as my participation in basketball.

As an ambassador for Operation Bonne Mine and a past recipient, I want to share the benefits of this recognition and encourage students to believe in their efforts. This support alleviates the burden of the cost of education, a significant issue for those who must self-finance. For me, it helped cover my cégep expenses and sports commitments. I am deeply grateful to the donors who make this possible.

Currently, I work as a facilitator in a community center, and I started studying physiotherapy in the fall of 2023. My future goal is to succeed in this field that has always intrigued me. The message I want to convey to young people is simple: if you have goals, stay determined, because it's the toughest moments that shape us. No matter which path you take, remember that there's more than one way to success.

To all the donors considering supporting the Operation Bonne Mine program of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Montreal, a heartfelt thank you. Your support transforms destinies.

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"The scholarships you contribute to providing are not just financial assistance, but a grateful testament to the exceptional perseverance of students like Liliane. Your donation plays a crucial role in celebrating their efforts.

On behalf of the young beneficiaries of Operation Bonne Mine, thanks to the generosity of donors like yourself, I want to express my gratitude for your commitment to their future. Together, we can make a real difference in their lives and inspire them to reach even greater heights."

Geneviève Dubois
Coordinator of the Operation Bonne Mine School Perseverance Program at the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Montreal

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