In 2018, almost 800 professionals offered their time and energy to the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul 

18 February 2019

PUBLISHED ON FEBRUARY 18, 2019 - The Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul corporate volunteer program had an exceptional year in 2018. Almost 800 professionals came to lend a hand to the organization and offered more than 3000 hours sorting clothes. 

50 Montreal business groups allowed us to deliver our mission last year. Volunteerism supported by the employer is a fantastic resource for our organization. In 2017, the SSVP launched its corporate volunteer program, allowing companies to provide a day or half-day investment in an organization that gives meaning to the lives of several thousands of people every year.
Groups of employees came in the hundreds to launch the project! In 2018, we regularly welcomed groups coming to lend us a hand. The “Corporate volunteer” project, developed only two years ago, has really taken off.
The groups provide invaluable help to the store team, particularly with regard to sorting clothes and jewellery, providing store-level support with the donations we receive from the public which are then sold at modest prices to fund our activities. 60% of our funding comes from the sale of second-hand items in our 23 stores.

More than 3000 hours

To respond to this increased demand, SSVP set up a new, higher-capacity, sorting centre (2300 square feet), which lets us welcome groups of 50 and more. It’s one of the few halls of this size in Montreal, allowing us to receive larger and larger groups.
It was citizen action by volunteers and their willingness to create connections that launched the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul 170 years ago. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the need is the same: you, to fill a significant gap.
“In order to accomplish its mission, volunteers supported by their employer are a fantastic resource for the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul,” explains Ms. Denise Ouellette, Director General of the organization.