«Our story through pages», Monseigneur-Richard Grade School (Montreal) - 2021/2022 

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Presentation card

  • Project name: Our story through the pages
  • Participating school: Monseigneur-Richard High School, Montreal
  • Participating group: 18 students from the reception class and 3 volunteers from the SSVP de Verdun
  • Project dates: September to December 2021 (4 months)
  • Discipline: art therapy
  • Speaker: Gabrielle Gingras, doctoral student in psychology, M.A. ATPQ, art therapist
  • Partner: Borough of Verdun and the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul de Verdun
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“Our story through pages” is a collaboration between the Opération Bonne Mine school perseverance program, including volunteers from the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul in Montreal and a reception class at Monseigneur-Richard secondary school.

The objective of the project was to develop an intergenerational and intercultural artistic project within a framework of school perseverance: to acquire a deeper understanding of the experience of our personal and collective histories, through the creation and sharing of its timeline, symbols and his personal book.

Volunteers, teachers and young people then explored the concept of the timeline illustrating the symbols of forces supporting their migratory journey and their life story. The students used various materials and artistic techniques to express their symbols in images, and share their journeys and experiences with the participants.

The exhibition is the result of their personal and collective efforts to put into image through the timeline, the symbols and the book bringing together the stories that unite us.

We sincerely thank:

  • Participating students
  • The teachers, Angélique Soleil Lavoie and Charlie Samuel Pomerleau-Bourbeau, as well as the Monseigneur-Richard secondary school.
  • Ghislaine, Richard and Francine, volunteers at the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul Conference of Verdun.
  • The Arrondissement de Verdun, proud partner of the child policy of the city of Montreal, which funded the project.
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